Naval Electromagnetic Radiation Facilities (NERF) Modernization High Power Radio Frequency (RF) X-Band Source Prototype Project

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The key functional feature of the required prototype high power Radio Frequency (RF) sources is to transmit representative high power RF waveforms onto installed systems on Naval Air platforms at separation distances sufficient for intersystem electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) test procedures. The goal of this capability is to safeguard Naval Air platforms from electromagnetic susceptibilities while operating in high power RF environments, such as those encountered when operating on and around Navy ships. The NERF focuses on simulating high-powered radars for electromagnetic susceptibility and vulnerability testing. Current radar technology on Naval ships is moving away from magnetron and traveling wave tubes and moving towards solid state devices with the advance of technologies such as Gallium nitride solid state transmitters. These low noise solid-state devices have given radar systems added flexibility in operation. Additionally, they provide the ability to change pulse widths and pulse repetition frequency rapidly. The main objective of this effort is to develop and procure a functional test prototype utilizing new technology to modernize NAWCAD’s current test capability.


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