Consortium Management Group (CMG) serves as the Lead Member of NASC and is responsible for managing the consortium and administering its OTA with the Navy.  CMG provides the know-how, collaborative platform, and end-to-end acquisition support required to accelerate delivery of innovation to the Fleet.

CMG builds and manages agile, transparent, and enduring consortia with world-class capabilities operated at a scale that enables greater reach, more robust competition, and the broadest range of technology solutions available to meet the needs of the Department of Defense. To learn more, click here.






Billion in
project awards

Support Provided

  • Assist Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division with using Other Transaction Authority to speed new capabilities to the Fleet.
  • Manage the operations of the NASC and administer its OTA with the Navy.
  • Continue to expand NASC membership using technology scouting tools and active engagement with industry and academia to ensure that NASC capabilities keep pace with the evolving needs of the Navy.
  • Provide training and mentoring to NASC members to enable wider participation in Navy project solicitations.
  • Facilitate teaming among NASC members to provide the Navy with more cost-effective, integrated technology solutions to project execution reduce risk.
  • Host NASC member events, Technical Exchanges, and targeted Industry Days.
  • Provide subject matter expertise to Requiring Program Offices (RPO) on alternative competition/project award strategies and process tailoring to best support its needs.
  • Broadly advertise solicitations on multiple platforms to increase industry awareness and participation in project opportunities.
  • Manage the project award processes and conduct detailed compliance reviews to ensure that member submissions meet the Navy’s expectations.
  • Facilitate Scope of Work collaboration between RPOs and the NASC members.
  • Provide post-award programmatic assistance to RPOs and NASC members throughout the execution of project awards.
  • Assist the Navy with technology transfer planning and strategy development to enable seamless transition from prototype phases to follow-on production.

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