What is an
Other Transaction Agreement?

An Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) is an acquisition instrument which allows the Government to enter into transactions “other than” standard contracts, grants and cooperative agreements.

OTAs are not subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), DoD FAR Supplement (DFARS) and many other statutes and regulations associated with Federal Government contracting.

OTAs provide a commonsense, flexible, efficient and user-friendly way of linking Government buyers and commercial sellers of innovative technologies.

OTAs replace nothing. They are simply an additional tool that Congress has authorized to help Government program managers accomplish their missions.

Benefits of Using Other Transaction Agreements

  • Broadens the industrial base available to the Government by providing a pathway for companies and institutions to participate in the Federal marketplace, particularly for those not interested in pursuing FAR-based contracts
  • Serves as a platform for collaboration to leverage commercial innovation and investments in technology
  • Enables more flexible and efficient project design and execution
  • Provides for seamless transition from prototype directly into production
  • Accelerates delivery of innovation to the Warfighter

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