Airborne Threat Simulation Organization (ATSO) Electronic Attack (EA) Systems

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ATSO threat simulators are required to accurately emulate enemy systems and techniques to enable the readiness of the Warfighter. Current simulator pods do not have an organic, offensive Active Emitter capability. The purpose of this project is to develop a next generation Electronic Warfare Pod capability to augment and enhance air warfare and upgrade the current Angry Kitten training pod to a combat-ready pod for the Air Force. This new system will be scalable and capable of integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning protocols to respond to both planned and unplanned threats.


03/16/20: Request for White Papers Released
04/28/20: White Papers Due
06/10/20: Solution Selected
03/04/21: Request for Proposal Released
04/13/21: Proposal Submitted
08/27/21: Awarded