Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (STUAS)

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Render Security Engineering

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The Navy requires the standardization of key interfaces for command and control, payload integration, and onboard processing for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to reduce the substantial and redundant engineering, training, and sustainment costs associated with proprietary, “full stack” small UAS (SUAS), and to enable interoperability planning for mid/long-term air-to-air and air-to-ground communications initiatives within the Navy/Marine Corps. The purpose of this project is to develop SUAS Reference Implementation Prototypes to demonstrate the standardization for key interfaces to provide flexibility of modular payloads and applications, streamlined cybersecurity assessment and continuous risk remediation, and integration with evolving Family of UAS communications architectures.


08/27/20: Request for White Papers Released
09/23/20: White Papers Due
11/05/20: Solution Selected
03/18/21: Request for Proposal Released
06/02/21: Proposal Submitted
06/29/21: Awarded