Next Generation Electronic Warfare Generator (NEWEG) Advanced Test Equipment (ATE) TOPIC AREA 1 NEWEG Operating System

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Northrup Grumman Amherst Systems

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The NEWEG provides state-of-the-art Electronic Warfare (EW) simulation and stimulation technology and establishes commonality of hardware between Department of Defense (DoD) facilities, while providing an adaptive architecture that easily accepts new technologies required in future systems testing. NEWEG contains computing systems required to meet specific Information Assurance (IA) requirements for DoD use. Several of the computing systems within NEWEG are based on legacy Linux operating system that will not be accredited for DoD implementation within the near future. The purpose of this project is to develop an accredited Linux operating system to be integrated with NEWEG. After completing the operating system upgrade, the NEWEG computing resources shall be fully IA-accredited for DoD use.


02/04/21: Request for White Papers Released
03/09/21: White Papers Due
07/02/21: Solution Selected
11/19/21: Request for Proposal Released
01/06/22: Proposal Submitted
06/29/22: Awarded