AN/ALE-47 Common Carriage

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BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration, Inc.

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The Navy and Marine Corps are currently the only DoD activities utilizing round countermeasure expendables with the AN/ALE-47 system. The current AN/ALE-47 Sequencer uses a 1980s technology Intel 8-bit 80C32 processor, operating at 11.059 MHz and uses assembly language code with no commercial Real-Time Operating System or available de-bug tools. In addition, the Sequencer has limited spare memory for additional software features. The purpose of this project is to develop a new Sequencer to meet the needs of the Navy and Marine Corps.


10/28/21: Request for White Papers Released
12/03/21: White Papers Due
02/14/22: Solution Selected
04/28/22: Request for Proposal Released
05/26/22: Proposal Submitted
09/30/22: Awarded