Naval Electromagnetic Radiation Facilities (NERF) Modernization High Power Radio Frequency (RF) S-Band Source Prototype Project

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MACOM Technology Solutions, Inc.

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The NERF provides open-air test and evaluation of air vehicles. Current test capabilities support all test requirements for Naval Air platforms but do not have the needed capability to support emerging requirements. The purpose of this project is to develop high-power RF sources to transmit representative high power RF waveforms onto installed systems on Naval Air platforms at separation distances sufficient for intersystem electromagnetic compatibility test procedures. This development will safeguard Naval Air platforms from electromagnetic vulnerabilities while operating in high power RF environments, such as those encountered when operating on and around Naval ships.


08/18/21: Request for White Papers Released
09/15/21: White Papers Due
11/17/21: Solution Selected
01/25/22: Request for Proposal Released
02/15/22: Proposal Submitted
03/22/22: Awarded