AN/ARA-63 Open Architecture Landing Systems Prototype Project

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Sierra Nevada Corporation

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The AN/ARA-63D Tactical Instrument Landing System (TILS) is an all-weather aircraft approach guidance system consisting of ground and airborne equipment. This equipment receives coded microwave transmissions from the ground or carrier-based azimuth and elevation transmitters and decodes these signals for display on a cross-pointer indicator in the aircraft cockpit. The purpose of this project is to develop a TILS with the same form, fit, and function as the current AN/ARA-63D design to address the obsolescence issues with the current system.


04/27/21: Request for White Papers Released
06/01/21: White Papers Due
07/22/21: Solution Selected
03/11/22: Request for Proposal Released
04/08/22: Proposal Submitted
09/01/22: Awarded