Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Agile Network Gateway Link (MANGL)

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Kranze Technology Solutions, Inc.

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The Navy and Marine Corps employ multiple warfighting networks designed for specific mission roles in distinct operating environments. Each network uses unique radios that transmit dissimilar waveforms optimized for the tasks, conditions, and standards of their mission and operating environment. The purpose of this project is to produce a smart cyber gateway capability that joins disparate warfighting networks and waveforms to enable the exchange of mission-critical information between platforms, sensors, and performers in both the aerial and ground layers spanning multiple domains. This capability will enhance the real-time exchange of voice, video, and mission-related data via a wireless digital enabler capable of connecting with various Navy and Marine Corps networks.


08/14/20: Request for White Papers Released
09/11/20: White Papers Due
12/14/20: Solution Selected
03/08/21: Request for Proposal Released
04/09/21: Proposal Submitted
05/20/21: Awarded