Low Speed Precision Control System (LSPC) For Degraded Visual Operations

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American Systems Corporation

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The Marine Corps is often required to operate its helicopters in austere, unprepared landing zones. A common hazard encountered during these low-speed near-earth operations is Degraded Visual Environments (DVE). DVE can be caused by low light levels, poor cueing, fog, airborne particulates (dust/snow), or a combination of these degraders. DVE can significantly impair or, in extreme cases, eliminate external visual references necessary to safely pilot the aircraft. This has resulted in a significant number of hazard reports and mishaps over the past 20 years. This purpose of this project is to develop a flight control augmentation solution that will stabilize the platform at low speeds and reduce workload for the pilot.


10/03/19: Request for White Papers Released
10/14/19: White Papers Due
10/31/19: Solution Selected
12/03/19: Request for Proposal Released
12/17/19: Proposal Submitted
01/17/20: Awarded