AN/SSQ-101B Sonobuoy Prototype

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AN/SSQ Series Production Sonobuoys are the principal sensors used by Navy Air Anti-Submarine Warfare forces to carry out their primary mission functions of detection, classification and localization of adversary submarines during peacetime and combat operations. The latest variants of AN/SSQ Series Sonobuoys are currently being procured from a joint venture which will be dissolved at the conclusion of the FY23 ordering period. Without new qualified designs the U.S. Navy Air ASW forces will be unable to carry out their primary mission. The purpose of this project is to develop and demonstrate the feasibility of producing sonobuoys with the same form/fit/function as the current AN/SSQ-101B design to address the loss of the current manufacturing source.


10/19/21: Request for White Papers Released
12/17/21: White Papers Due
03/23/22: Solution Selected
06/08/22: Request for Proposal Released
07/27/22: Proposal Submitted
01/12/23: Awarded