Multi-Utility Loader, Expeditionary

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S.A.F.E. Structure Designs

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Marine Aviation is tasked with conducting Forward Arming and Refueling Point (FARP) operations capable of supporting both Fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft in remote, undeveloped locations. Recent aircraft Type/Model/Series acquisitions have added increased capability and expanded payload capacity across Marine Aviation. Greater aircraft payload capacity has driven increased amounts of munitions required within the FARP that must be rapidly positioned and loaded. Moreover, doctrinal demands require use of multiple dispersed FARP sites operating simultaneously across expansive regions which place demands on personnel availability that must be addressed by a material solution. The development and fielding of a Multi-Utility Loader, Expeditionary to serve as a force enabler/multiplier able to perform Organizational (O) and Intermediate (I) Level Ordnance work tasks within the FARP is required.

The MHU-83D/E Aerial Stores Lift Truck, although adequate for operations on improved surfaces and aboard advanced bases, cannot be transported inside tilt-rotor aircraft or operated on unimproved surfaces and rough terrain. The required solution to address these key liabilities is to field support equipment capable of lifting and carrying both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft weapons, but small enough to deploy within amphibious shipping and to be flown from seaborne platforms via MV-22 and CH-53E into fixed and rotary wing FARP locations ashore.


12/21/22: Updated Request for White Papers Released
1/19/23: White Papers Due
03/16/23: Solution Selected
05/05/23: Request for Proposal Released
05/30/23: Proposal Submitted
08/25/23: Awarded