Medium Unmanned Logistic System – Air (MULS-A)

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The emergent operational environment indicates future maneuvers will be considerably different from those of the recent past. US forces can no longer expect dominance over threats in a peer-to-peer fight. The future threat will have the capability to limit, if not defeat, our tactical and operational overmatch with anti-access/area denial capabilities. This environment requires the Joint Forces to re-evaluate the capabilities required to dominate key terrain and operate within the threat envelope of this future battlefield. For the Joint Force Commander to continue to achieve and maintain overmatch, the forces must invest in and deliver disruptive capabilities that contribute to the fight for dominance across all domains. To meet the challenges of the future operational environment, autonomous aerial delivery capabilities will lighten the warfighter’s physical workload and increase mobility, tempo, flexibility, protection, lethality, and sustainment effectiveness. The purpose of this project is to develop a MULS-A that can carry a payload between 300 and 600 lbs to a combat radius from 25 to 100 nautical miles.


03/30/22: Request for White Papers Released
05/18/22: White Papers Due
08/09/22: Solution Selected
11/09/22: Request for Proposal Released
12/12/22: Proposal Submitted
01/26/23: Awarded