Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Warfare Prototyping Program – Radar Processing and System Integration

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Hydra Systems


Current Command, Control, Communications, Computers Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance architectures and corresponding cybersecurity measures supporting network-centric electromagnetic spectrum operations capabilities are insufficient to address persistent and increasingly sophisticated malicious cyber campaigns. These malicious cyber campaigns seek to negate the Joint Forces’ ability to gain and maintain a tactical advantage against highly adaptive enemies. Therefore, the Joint Electronic Attack and Compatibility Office must improve its efforts to deliver capabilities that identify, confront, circumvent, communicate, synchronize, and operate effectively against these actions and actors.

The Government seeks a prototype design approach to develop a wideband radar pulse detector to identify and flag known and unknown radar operating modes for integration with a common framework environment to counter radar targets. Proposed solutions and/or approaches may comprise of hardware or subsystem recommendations, software algorithms, threat technique(s), waveforms etc. and include systems engineering, integration and test support. Proposed solutions will leverage state of the art government off-the-shelf/commercial off-the-shelf technology, applying open systems architecture, open mission systems, open standards, and adaptation of commercial solutions for classified principles, for example, to derive the prototype design.


10/14/22: Request for White Papers Released
11/10/22: White Papers Due
02/06/23: Solution Selected
05/31/23: Request for Proposal Released
06/15/23: Proposal Submitted
TBD: Awarded