In-situ Nondestructive Inspection of Guiderail at Organizational-Level (INDIGO)

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FBS, Inc.

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A painted, HY-100 steel guiderail may contain cracks in areas of interest spanning its entire length. The only means of inspecting guiderails currently is to uninstall the entire weldment and ancillary equipment. This time-intensive process would negatively impact operational availability, increase maintenance costs, and inhibit periodic inspections. Therefore, the US Navy is seeking to prototype a solution that will allow it to detect, locate, and characterize cracks in a painted, HY-100 steel guiderail while it is installed.


4/18/23: Request for White Papers Released
5/9/23: White Papers Due
6/14/23: Solution Selected
7/12/23: Request for Proposal Released
7/21/23: Proposal Submitted
8/25/23: Awarded