Next Generation Electronic Warfare Environment Generator (NEWEG) Block A Multi Jammer Characterization (MJC) Payload

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The MJC system was initially built as a radio frequency (RF) measurement system for the Advanced Systems Integration Lab (ASIL) at Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River. The MJC system is used in an anechoic chamber to provide a dynamic RF free-space radiated environment to a System Under Test (SUT), such as a Naval aircraft, by providing an RF connection from a simulator or measurement device to a dynamically positioned antenna in the chamber. As the use cases evolved, the range at which the environment is simulated exceeds the current transmit capability of the MJC system.  Therefore, the Navy is seeking to prototype a new MJC RF receiver/transmitter system, or “Payload”, with greater power to keep pace with its emerging requirements.


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