Biodegradable Parachute Material

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Dynovis, Inc.

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The BQM177A is an aerial target used by the Navy for simulating sub-sonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles in the testing and evaluation of its systems. The target is recoverable with the use of a decelerator (parachute) that is approximately 50 feet in diameter. Depending upon sea state and other factors at the completion of a launch, the target and its parachute may or may not be recovered. The purpose of this project is to develop an innovative material solution for use in the manufacturing of biodegradable parachutes that would also be non-toxic, high strength, and low packing density to mitigate environmental impact of non-recovered parachutes that land in the sea.


03/22/21: Request for White Papers Released
05/04/21: White Papers Due
06/16/21: Solution Selected
07/20/21: Request for Proposal Released
08/10/21: Proposal Submitted
09/15/21: Awarded