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The Naval Aviation Systems Consortium (NASC) is an open, broad-based and enduring consortium composed of more than 500 member companies and institutions offering cutting-edge technology solutions for critical air warfare challenges. Through its Other Transaction Agreement with the Navy, NASC provides a collaborative platform and agile acquisition pathway that links Government with industry and academia to deliver defense innovation at the speed of business.


Air Vehicles
  • Advanced Airframe Materials & Structures
  • Corrosion Prevention & Control
  • Air Vehicle Aerodynamics & Flight Controls
  • Shipboard Interaction
  • Advanced Modeling & Simulation
  • Life Management of Naval Airframes/Subsystems
  • Thermal Management, Fire & Ice Protection
  • Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Landing Gear Systems
  • Fuel Containment/Aerial Refueling
  • Mechanical Systems
Propulsion and Power
  • Advanced Cycle Propulsion Systems
  • State Based Management of Dynamic Components
  • Highly Integrated Control System
  • Low Observable Signature Technologies (Noise, Radar, Infra-Red)
  • Emissions and Pollution Control
  • High Speed Aerodynamics
  • High Power Density Electrical Systems
  • Sensor/Data Fusion
  • Electronic Warfare/Airborne Electronic Attack
  • Fiber Optics/Networking
  • Acoustics Sensors
  • Radar & Antenna Systems
  • Communications
  • Electro Optical/Special Mission Sensors
  • Information Assurance
  • Maritime Domain Awareness
Human Systems
  • Command & Control
  • Human, Social, Behavioral, Cultural Modeling
  • Human Performance Assessment & Modeling
  • Interactive Experimentation
  • Protection, Performance & Survivability
  • Virtual Environments & Simulation
Weapons and Energetics
  • Energetic Materials & Energetics Systems
  • Weapon Airframe Engineering
  • Weapon Guidance and Control
  • Weapon Systems Engineering
Support Equipment (SE) and Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE)
  • Electromagnetics
  • Diagnostics of Avionics
  • Networks, Information Systems & Intelligent Agents
  • Controls, Sensors & Instrumentation, Prognostics & Health Monitoring
  • Cameras, Displays, Optics
  • Robotics
Warfare Analysis
  • Engagement/Mission/Campaign Analyses
  • Operational Suitability/Effectiveness Analyses
  • Weapon System Performance Analyses
  • Aircraft Suitability Utility Analyses Science and Technology (S&T) Gap Analyses
Research and Intelligence
  • Materials Research
  • Image and Signal Processing
  • Employment of Unmanned Systems
  • Optics Research and Fabrication
  • Chemical Detection
Test, Evaluation and Engineering
  • Systems Evaluation, Experimentation & Test
  • Air Vehicle Testing
  • Shore Based and Shipboard Precision Approach and Landing System (PALS) Certification
  • Stores Compatibility Testing
  • Mission Systems Testing
  • Weapons Testing
  • Ranges
  • Air Vehicle Modification & Instrumentation Testing
  • Survivability Flight Test
  • Time Space Position Information (TPSI)
  • Mission Systems Flight Test
  • Weapon Effectiveness Testing
  • Aero-Mechanical Flight Test
  • Threat/Target Systems
  • Target Engineering
  • Target Airborne Threat Simulation
  • Target Combat Environment Testing
  • Seaborne Targets
  • Integrated Battle-Space Simulation & Test
  • Physical and Simulated Environments for Platform, System of System (SoS), and Family of System (FoS) Test and Evaluation
  • Generation of Threat Simulations/Signals for Installed System Testing
  • Weapons and Aircraft Systems Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing
  • Interoperability Evaluations for Communications Signals/Data
  • Aircraft Flight Simulation and Stimulation T&E
  • Electromagnetic Environment Effects (E3) T&E
  • Ground Radar Cross Section (RCS) Measurement and Analysis
Simulation and Modeling
  • Weapons Training Systems
  • Low-cost Photo Texture/Databases
  • Virtual Environment Training Technology
  • Tactical Decision-Making Under Stress
  • Parallel Computing Applied to Simulation and Modeling
Digital Transformation
  • Enterprise Business Transformation Planning & Execution Human, Social, Behavioral, Cultural Modeling
  • Integrated Modeling Environment/Digital Engineering, Modeling & Simulation (M&S), Test & Evaluation (T&E), & Training
  • Data Architecture, Design, Engineering, and Management/Sustainment
  • Digital Solutions Technology Development/SecDevOps
  • Advanced Analytics/Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning
  • Talent Management/Digital & Data Careers/Organizational Strategies
  • Digital Innovation/Disruptive Digital Technologies